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Writing an Appealing Cover Letter

In your day to day life you must have encountered a situation that requires you to write a cover letter. The most common of them all is when you seek a job. Cover letters are introductory letters that must not be confused with application letters. Cover letters enable a person to say much more than can be said in an application letter.

How should an excellent cover letter be written? There are many guidelines that must be followed so as to write an excellent cover letter. The first thing is that your personal information must be well captured. Do not leave out your name, physical address, email and phone number. Ensure that they are all very clear. The next thing is to capture information of the manager or any other hiring officer. This means that you should have done research to know their names.

Seriousness will be noted if the cover letter is addressed to a particular manager by name. After noting his or her name then indicate the position he or she holds. It is also good to capture details of the company including address and email. The flow should have company data following your personal data.

Salutation should follow your addresses. Do not use catchy phrases aimed at attracting unnecessary attention. For instance do not address the person using ‘dear Sir/Madam’. Introduce yourself by saying who you are professionally. Do not mention your name for it is already at the address. Such mistakes will actually be comic though they can cost you the job.

As you proceed with your introduction ensure that you create an impression of happiness for wanting the job. You can state some things that endear you to the company. Proceed to also express excitement at the job you are applying for. Show that your skills actually relate to the job you seek hence the happiness.

Consider the main body of the cover letter as the most important. It is the state where you pitch for the job. Prove you actually deserve the job. Explain again how your skills relate to the job you need. Show in clear terms how your skills applied to the job will lead to growth of the company. Support your argument with experience gathered in previous jobs.

Finally, reiterate your excitement on the job you are applying for. Indicate also your availability for an interview at any time that the panel decides. Use words that command respect such as ‘sincerely’ and ‘regards’ when signing off. When it comes to formatting a one inch margin all round the page with left aligning is preferable. Fonts that are advisable are 12 point Georgia, Arial and Times New Roman.

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