Mountain trekking in Lombok Island

One of the most famous pastimes on Lombok is hiking. Blessed with a gorgeous landscape, the fertile lowlands are home to a lot of vegetation, coffee, tobacco, cinnamon and rice, although the uplands are covered with forests. There are numerous very good treks around the island, including multi day hikes up the mountain and around the crater. If you would like, you will find shorter treks to waterfalls along with other island attractions. The Mount Rijani trek is the most popular, but is challenging to finish. It starts from Senaru, takes between 3 to four days to finish and is considered probably the most difficult treks in East Asia.

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Scuba diving at Mountain trekking in Lombok Islandis a great location for diving, globally recognized for getting over 35, 000 aquatic species of under water life, both novice and confident divers can enjoy the underwater action here. Between Bali and Lombok flows the Indonesian Through Flow. This is the current that passes from the Pacific into the Indonesian Ocean, and it’s laden with tropics marine life and that is why people travel throughout the world to experience the magic first hand. The vast Most diving is around the Gili islands on day excursions. Sanggigi Beach is also a popular dive site, broad marine life, fantastic beaches and amenities make it a destination of choice to dive tourists.

The Southwest of the island is not as celebrated and provides harder diving. The Magnet is the most important reason why the majority of divers come here, largely because there’s a great opportunity to see hammerhead sharks. That is a big rocky pinnacle jutting upward from about 50m below. It lies in the sea and can be 20 to half a hour away by boat. Big waves collapse above the top of the stone and the resulting surge could be felt at 20 metres down. You may just dive safely below 15m due to the surge and most of safety stops are made away from the stone – most certainly for the more experienced diver.

Those with less experience could takes lessons from the many instructors and dive schools on the island. Snorkeling, Surfing, Water sports at Lombok Island There is plenty of fun to be had on and off property in Lombok. The sparkling blue beaches of the Indonesian Ocean are ideal to catch a few waves, to watch the colourful marine life or to find out a brand new water sport. Days lounging on the beach can be counteracted by the appeal of aquatic adventures.

As for diving, the Gili islands are a popular place for water related activities because of the slower currents enclosing them. Here, you will be by turtles, white tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, angel fish and ghost pipefish. Spa at Lombok Island Lombok is a haven for rest, rejuvenation and regeneration, the best place to get at grips with Indonesia’s ancient wellness clinics.